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Entry Selector

The above example was created with just 7 lines of JavaScript!
    newEntry("This is Item 1");
    newEntry("This is Item 2");
    newEntry("This is Item 3");
    newEntry("This is Item 4");
    newEntry("This is Item 5");
This page written with Java Script implements selection within a table. If you use it, I would appreciate (but not require) a link back to my home page. Thanks! See Also example 2 for more examples on you to use.

Netscape 3.0/MSIE 4.0 Required for this page to work.

Internal Functions

There are a number of functions available..

How To


Well sadly, the behaviour is not that well defined. If you are planning to use this script for proffesional or seious apps, I recommend you not use the Entry functions .. since generating HTML with javascript just doesn't work that well. So type out the code manually. Here is an exmaple;
<FORM name="imgform">
<TABLE border=3>
<TR><TD><IMG NAME=sel1 WIDTH=14 HEIGHT=14 SRC=unsel.gif></TD>
<TD><A onMouseOut="return selectOut(1);" onMouseOver="return selectOver(1);" href="javascript:selectChange(1)">This is Item 1</A></TD></TR>
<TR><TD><IMG NAME=sel2 WIDTH=14 HEIGHT=14 SRC=unsel.gif></TD>
<TD><A onMouseOut="return selectOut(2);" onMouseOver="return selectOver(2);" href="javascript:selectChange(2)">This is Item 2</A></TD></TR>
<TR><TD><IMG NAME=sel3 WIDTH=14 HEIGHT=14 SRC=unsel.gif></TD>
<TD><A onMouseOut="return selectOut(3);" onMouseOver="return selectOver(3);" href="javascript:selectChange(3)">This is Item 3</A></TD></TR>

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