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Bloke > JavaScript > Entry Selector

This example shows how to call your own function when a selection is made.

Entry Selector

The above example was created with these lines..
    document.writeln("<TR><TD></TD><TH>Entry</TH><TD></TD><TH>More Info</TH></TR>");
    newEntryFlag("onClick=\"return gohere(1);\"","This is Item 1</td><td width=10> </td><td align=center>Cameron</td>");
    newEntryFlag("onClick=\"return gohere(2);\"","This is Item 2</td><td> </td><td align=center>likes working</td>");
    newEntryFlag("onClick=\"return gohere(3);\"","This is Item 3</td><td> </td><td align=center>at</td>");
    newEntryFlag("onClick=\"return gohere(4);\"","This is Item 4</td><td> </td><td align=center><a href=\"http://www.olabs.com/\"><b>Outsource Labs</b></a></td>");

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