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13th-26th May 1996.

Can you say awesome vacation!!? Well it was, and I intend on making a bit of a photo album of the adventures of this trip. Making a photo album is quite a lot of effort, and to do a good job is a real pain! Most of this effort has been neglected, so the pictures aren't quite true colour. Actually, it's not even close, but they still don't look too bad.

This trip was actually a business trip out to 40th Street Denver. I took some days off and kept busy after work. My friend Eva (from Slovakia) came with me and we stayed about 2 weekings in Colorado. We spent all but a few days with Dave Reichert, and his awesome new house.

The last 3 days were spent in Utah!. I am quite amazed that people don't rave about this place more. Totally awesome.

The organisation is coming .... Still too many pictures of goats, well actually I think they are sheep. Well I think there is one picture of Eva and a Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep (ewe) and the rest are Moutain Goats

Slow Connection?? Tell someone who cares! I have ISDN at home and a T3 at work. Well actually I will get thumb nails real soon now.


Mount Evans

The sheep where pretty cool. We didn't get to see any rams. Well there was one, but he was fairly far away. Don't feed the sheep.

Now the goats where much cooler! These are also considerably more rare. It was freezing, but Dave and I went to shoot some goats! As you can see we got some pretty cool shots. All of the above was on the way to the top of Mount Evans, where we took the typical tourist shots. Lake Isabelle Mount Falcon

Well this was a fun day. We hiked all over Mount Falcon. Silly us, though, we didn't bring any water. We started around 7am I guess. DR came with, but then had to go to work. We finished hiking around 1pm (quite thirsty by this point!) and had a lovely lunch in the nearby town of Morrison.

Pikes Peak
Here is a link to a camera at Pikes Peak.
Cave of the Winds

Reasonably cool place (58F or something), but the idea of caving as a tourist thing was kinda lost on us. The area that they were located in is very pretty.

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